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ARBO srl: a company which has been serving Mail order catalogues for 30 years.

We are a commercial enterprise mostly specialized in the research, development and supply of Made in Italy products for mail order selling.

Our company is born in 1982, trading right at the beginning with the major European mail order firms.

Most of our products can be found in major French, German and Italian catalogues Our lines, in constant evolution, are divided up by various merchandise categories.

From Hygiene to Home care products and kitchen accessories, from Home textile to body care articles and from pet to gardening items!

Thanks to our 30 years presence on the European market, we became a reference of confidence and competitivity.

From our head office in Villanova Mondovi,and thanks to our deep knowledge of the products made in Italy, we are able to-day to meet all customer’s requests.

Our structure enables us to answer any kind of product queries. Our standard packing and labelling techniques are complying with all major european catalogues requirements. The specifications and sizes of our packaging system are corresponding perfectly to the latest requested norms.

Our French branch, ARBO France , with its head office located in the Parisian suburb, is following with the greatest care, our most important foreign markets.

                                                                                                 The ARBO Team